A new website – what could be easier?

There are few things more exciting than starting your own business.  All that autonomy, creativity and freedom – what could possibly stop you?

What you will need:

As well as inventing a company name, buying it, creating a logo, buying a domain name, email account and opening a bank account, you will need a website.

I know – I can do that myself on the internet for £199

Yes, you can.  So long as you don’t expect it to perform well, be interactive or have any presence on Google and be mobile responsive.  You must remember that your website is your shop front.  This is a store that will be open 24/7, so, while you’re sleeping, or on holiday, or working, or spending time with family and friends, the world will be able to look at your company. Imagine that! Your potential customers should be able to find out about you, your products or services, how to contact you and how to access what you are selling.  You will not achieve this for £199.

So, what should I do?

You should talk to a professional, or a web designer you trust or has been recommended to you.  However, whilst they may be brilliant at designing your site, they will generally only put on to it the words you provide them with – the content.  In our experience this is one of the things that new businesses and clients struggle with.  Think back to writing your own CV, or a lengthy job application, and how difficult it can be to ‘blow your own trumpet’.  Page after page to be filled with accurate, enticing entries, aimed at attracting attention, focusing on delivering the right message AND selling what you want it to…phewee!

Who can help?

HDK has both a proven track record and a passion for writing YOUR content.  All it takes is a meeting or two with you to establish your brand message and ‘tone of voice’ which we will carry throughout your site. We then build your content – with your approval – and liaise with the web designer who creates your site.  No more sweating over synonyms, no more tearing your hair out over ‘their, there or they’re’ – and some great embedded SEO words too.  This is what we can provide.

What else will I need?

Remember to think of your website as a global shop front – almost as though it’s your opening sales pitch to new customers.  How are you going to immediately get your message across?  What makes you click OFF a website?  Also, think of websites you like to look at, and what appeals to you about them.  If you are drawn to photos, and they suit your message, you will need photos – not Google images!  The same applies to videos. Consider also including blogs or news or case studies and testimonials – whatever you need to showcase yourself.  Your choices are almost endless, so make shrewd decisions.  Once you have invested in a decent site, you will know it really is a working window into your business world.  Finally, think about how much a rubbish site may damage your reputation…

In summary

We here at HDK Marketing are committed to making your business dreams reality, in fact, we are all about “busnifying” you.  Your enthusiasm will bring you to us, then we will provide you with a one stop marketing shop!