Exciting news! We have invented a new word!

What on earth does “Busnify” mean?

During a recent, intense office meeting about our core strengths and passions, HDK realised that we simply love to “Busnify”! After a great deal of analysis, and the odd spongy finger, it seemed to make perfect sense – and magically sum up the essence of HDK Marketing.

How does busnification work?

Ideally, a potential client will approach HDK Marketing with a dream, idea or passion for their new business.  We will then assess that dream and apply the finest business principles to it so that it develops into an active, viable company. Ergo, busnification is the exciting time that everything starts to come to life!

What does HDK do during the busnification process?

HDK looks primarily at the prospective 4 P’s of marketing; the brand, the message, the tone of voice, the pillars and the channels.  We will also give start-up advice and guidance, and help with logos, social media, photography and websites.  In short, HDK can be your one stop shop for turning your business dreams into reality – busnifying you.  Don’t forget though, that we can also busnify an existing company by providing a revelatory business review and overhaul and refresh your brand and aims.

Why should I ask HDK to busnify me?

HDK is all about busnification – whether your company is a tiny start up, or a large going concern.  We are passionate about initiating and developing business, brands and growth.  Here at HDK we firmly believe that “Dreams are the seeds of deeds”. You bring us your dreams and our deeds will turn them into reality.

Pronounced “biz-niff-eye”

Verb: Busnify = to grow or cause to grow a person’s professional dream or idea such that it becomes reality/active.  ‘Busnifying’ is the process by which concept becomes reality. Can also apply to existing business which can be “re-busnified” by which it will be analysed and re-focused for development.

Origin: HDK Marketing Headquarters November 2018. England.

Contact us to find out how we can best busnify YOU.

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