Is your ‘busyness’ harming your ‘business’?

What a bizarre question! Surely, all we want as business owners is to be busy – not being busy is what keeps us awake at night – so how on earth could that be harmful to our business? Well, as a Marketing Consultant, let me share my learning experience at the hands of this hidden harm, so that you don’t find yourself in the same situation…

My diary’s full and I’m being well paid – what’s the problem?

We hear this a lot from our clients.  In truth, when we approach potential clients to help with their business, they often tell us how busy they are – and look at us like we’re mad! Experience tells us this may be when you are at your most vulnerable.

Oh no! My top client just left me

This is exactly what happened to HDK a few years ago, in our naive first few months of trading. We had some excellent clients in a diverse field of business, and then suddenly, in came a “Big Boy” who wanted us on site for three days a week.  Hallelujah – or so we thought. Keen to impress and commit, we shoe-horned the client into our schedule, and travelled to their site thrice a week, happy in the knowledge that working for them meant we were busy and well paid. HDK felt comfortable. HDK maintained its’ other ‘smaller’ customers but did no marketing of our own business.  There seemed no need. HDK relaxed. Then it happened.  The “Big Boy” contract ended abruptly. We had achieved our mission, they thanked us, and had no further marketing projects. We found ourselves with a shrunken income, small client base, and no irons in the fire. Hard as it is to confess to, we had totally taken our eye off the ball.

How did you recover?

Basically, we went back to the drawing board – all the way to the “Sigmoid Curve model for constant business growth”.  One of the curve’s messages is that nothing persists for ever. When things are going really well – that is the time to be marketing and seeking your next opportunities. Don’t sit back.

The answer is simple actually – you seek out and launch your next path to success while you’re still basking in the glow of the present moment’s achievement.  Can you imagine Apple sitting back after the launch of their i-phone 6, not already working on their i-phone 7 so they could launch that a mere few months later? Of course not!  Whilst at their busiest, at a peak, they are actively worked on their next campaign.  As business owners and managers, this is our route to success.

What did you learn from this early experience?

I learnt the value of perpetual marketing – this is how you achieve constant growth.  It is a lesson I am always keen to share with clients – don’t put all your eggs into one basket!