Product & Service Launches

If you have an exciting upcoming product that you’re planning to launch soon, or if you’re looking for a new sales opportunity, then HDK Marketing can provide you with a comprehensive product launch plan. This will make sure that your business gets the maximum exposure throughout the timeline of the launch.

Product launches are an exciting opportunity to gain sales and place your company at the forefront of innovative practice. A successful product launch should:

Generate anticipation

We identify and use the appropriate marketing channels to inform your existing client base that something big is coming soon. For example, this could be done through email marketing campaigns, social media or posters around the local area, depending on your business.

HDK Marketing helps you to identify the right channels to market for your launch campaign, as well as the appropriate communication, angle and strategy needed to produce results.

Communicate information

Do you want your customers to attend the opening of a new premises or are you counting down the days until a product goes live for purchase on your website? Effective communication and easy-to-understand product information is key, so that people know what to expect and when.

HDK Marketing provide copywriting, advertising, graphic design and other services to produce the best marketing collateral.

Post-launch activities

The launch doesn’t end once the product goes live. We take advantage of the launch momentum by asking customers for reviews or testimonials, or creating a case study that showcases your new product and increases your marketing reach.

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