HDK Marketing was approached by former client StandOut Graphics to take the employees through the process of GDPR, to ensure that the company is compliant with new rules and regulations.

What we did…

HDK Marketing visited StandOut Graphics for onsite GDPR training, which focuses on awareness and understanding of GDPR and culminated with an in-depth data analysis, which in turn informed the company’s GDPR policy.

The full-service GDPR support was exactly what StandOut Graphics needed; they had previously thought that GDPR didn’t apply to them as an SME, so they required help and explanations from the start. We provided our support without the jargon and high price points that many other GDPR “specialists” are charging.

Our GDPR support included:

  • A consultation with StandOut Graphics onsite.
  • An audit of all StandOut Graphics’ data.
  • A full written GDPR-compliant privacy policy.
  • A step-by-step plan of what the company needs to do next to do to become compliant.
  • Additional support e.g. sessions with suppliers who also process the data.

You can read more about GDPR on our latest blog, Your Questions Answered About GDPR | Data Protection Made Easy.


“Having spent hours reading all I could find about GDPR I was completely baffled and rather worried. Then I asked HDK Marketing to do their on-site training and write us a policy. The training was excellent and made GDPR simple and understandable – it gave us the confidence we needed to answer any client questions about it and a policy that ensures we are compliant and is easy to implement. Our new policy is thorough and clear, enabling all staff to comply. Thank you HDK Marketing for your terrific work – and taking all the worry away!” – Becky Harragan, StandOut Graphics

StandOut Graphics GDPR Policy