Hill Lillis are a tax specialist accountancy firm and recently qualified to offer probate and estate services, making them the first accountancy firm to be licensed to carry out probate in the area.

Hill Lillis were seeking a local marketing company to help them to launch this new service to the appropriate market.

What we did…

  • HDK Marketing designed an advertisement that was included in an NHS bereavement services leaflet, explaining the probate process.
  • We then expanded on this advertisement to create an original Hill Lillis leaflet on probate services, which was then distributed to local care homes, retirement villages and funeral directors.
  • HDK Marketing ran email campaigns to cross-sell the new probate services to existing Hill Lillis customers and raise awareness of the new product, as well as reaching out to target customers in the retirement and funeral industries.
  • We added new content to the Hill Lillis website, including recent testimonials for probate services.
  • Moving forward, HDK Marketing are continuing to market Hill Lillis’ probate services as well as other services, as part of a larger marketing strategy.