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Confused about marketing? Think vacuum cleaner…!

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding what marketing actually IS – what it does, how it works, and even, why bother? So, to add clarity, here at HDK Marketing, and to solve this bothersome riddle, we are inviting you to think about a vacuum cleaner… Really? A vacuum cleaner?! Yes! (Bear with it!) No-one ever […]

A new website – what could be easier?

There are few things more exciting than starting your own business.  All that autonomy, creativity and freedom – what could possibly stop you? What you will need: As well as inventing a company name, buying it, creating a logo, buying a domain name, email account and opening a bank account, you will need a website. […]

Blogs, blogs, blogs!  What’s all the fuss about?

Where has it all come from? Here’s a (very) brief history of blogging for you.  An internet search advises us the term ‘weblog’ was first coined in 1997 and shortened to ‘blog’ in 1999 by American programmer Peter Merholz. As you can imagine, the early 2000s were a massive period of growth for blogs, mimicking […]

Exciting news! We have invented a new word!

What on earth does “Busnify” mean? During a recent, intense office meeting about our core strengths and passions, HDK realised that we simply love to “Busnify”! After a great deal of analysis, and the odd spongy finger, it seemed to make perfect sense – and magically sum up the essence of HDK Marketing. How does […]

Is your ‘busyness’ harming your ‘business’?

What a bizarre question! Surely, all we want as business owners is to be busy – not being busy is what keeps us awake at night – so how on earth could that be harmful to our business? Well, as a Marketing Consultant, let me share my learning experience at the hands of this hidden […]

Personal meetings in the modern media world

As a marketing business, we are constantly contacted by other companies offering to help with our marketing! Occasionally we phone them to find out what they offer, and ensure we are keeping up with the industry so we can offer the best service to you!  What is striking though, is that, generally, all of their […]

Benefits to you of bespoke photography

Should I invest in a portfolio of photos for my new website? HDK Marketing was recently approached by a business woman, starting up her own company.  Naturally we suggested a new website would be ideal to help with the launch and be a great shop window for her products and services.  However, as soon as […]