Product Videos

These days, it’s all about video

How many times have you heard someone say, “These days, it’s all about video”?  Dozens, I bet, and they’re right!  For some reason we no longer have time to sit and read about a product or bother to search tirelessly for a variety of images.  We want an immediate, between the eyes, up close and personal look at what we are buying.  With current Covid-19 restrictions, this is even more pertinent, as we are unable to ‘get our hands’ on an item that we might be asked to pay quite a lot of money for. So, HDK Marketing are now offering 360’ turntable videos for small products.

What’s the point of it?

With so many shopping restrictions in place – and manual ‘browsing’ a total impossibility – it is really difficult to feel close to a product and be able to examine it in great detail.  That’s why these short, intimate videos are invaluable. Think about the last time you wanted to know more about a product you were curious about.  Did you search for a user’s manual, or the manufacturers specifications? I very much doubt it.  I suspect your first port of call was You Tube where you will have searched for a short video that displayed everything you needed to know about the product.  I also imagine that if it didn’t hit the mark after about 40 seconds, you went elsewhere (more on timings later).  Today, more than ever before, video is our vicarious shop, and essential for any business owner.

How can you showcase your products in one minute?

The picture at the top of this article is of a recent turntable video shoot showcasing four different hearing aid for an Audiologist.  It involved the setting up of a mini, illuminated studio, and a camera mounted on a tripod able to focus at very close range.  The finished film lasted for 1”02’ and showed all four aids slowly revolving whilst brief product text points appear as they circle. Some gentle, fee-free music was also overlaid.  The shooting itself took half a day, as did the editing procedure, so the client was able to use the film on their website, YouTube channel and social media pathways within days of sending us the products. As greatly experienced Marketers, we know that the optimum time for on screen product viewing is 1-2 minutes – after that the attention wanes.  Hence, the videos that we make will fit into this timeframe and capture the essence of your message in that short allocation. They are also produced in a You Tube compatible format, in line with their restrictions and directions.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is contact us with details of your product and tell us what you are aiming to achieve with a video.  It may be that we offer some marketing advice to enhance your video, but we are always driven by our client’s visions. Then send us your products – contact free – and we’ll take it from there.

In summary

We are being approached by more and more clients expressing the need to embrace the ever-growing video genre.  The enhancement to their product profile is huge – and a tremendous boost when searching in Google.  (Google loves videos!).  Naturally, once you have had a video made, it’s your resource entirely.  That means that you can blast it all over social media – including You Tube – and use it as a great sales aid to send to potential purchasers.

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