Now IS the time to invest in marketing…

What? Surely now that we are all on lockdown again, there is no point in me marketing my business, is there?

In fact, quite the opposite is true. As a marketing company, we have always advised that enforced periods of ‘business quiet’ are the perfect opportunity to assess, assimilate and make change. Lockdown 2 affords us yet another chance to invest in our futures, and you will do well to grasp it with both hands.

What are the benefits of marketing right now?

One reason is that Google doesn’t like dormancy. If you have a website or registered business, and don’t regularly promote it through social media or website updates, you will slip down google rankings and become harder to find. It’s that simple. Whilst traditional paper marketing, such as flyers and magazines are definitely not credible at the moment, digital most definitely is. Creating some marketing, no matter how simple it may seem, will ensure that your name will be on the mind and lips of anyone who wants your goods/services in the future. Also, think how nice it might be for people who are interested in your goods and services to hear/read a positive message, a message that gives them hope that better times are ahead, and re-assurance we can focus on a future. Another reason is that it really keeps you in touch with your professional purpose – a bit like continually having to pitch to the Dragon’s Den! Finally, marketing isn’t all about selling, it’s also about sending out messages, so how about you contact your clients to see how they actually are? How they are coping, what would help them etc. Bother with them now. Make no mistake, those who bother in these deeply tough times are the ones who will be remembered in better ones.

What should I actually do?

A simple tip is that you critically review what marketing you have done previously with a view to changing your strategy. For example, if you always sent out a Facebook post at 1230 on a Thursday, have a look to see how well it fared. If not very well, change it. Also, you could consider changing your media channel – have you tried Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or others? Are you sending out the right message, to the right people, at the right time? Would you benefit from a Facebook campaign? So, what can you do differently? If you were to learn a new social media or computer skill, would that help you? If you created a photography suite for yourself, would that help? Would writing blogs and sending out campaigns help? Then do it! One client set up a business and understood the need for social media and website content updates but didn’t want to pay for any help. “But I don’t know how to do it!” they bemoaned. “Learn” we advised!

Surely it’s all been seen and done before?

Perhaps, which is why this is such a great opportunity for you to really put your thinking caps on and diversify. At the start of Lockdown 1 we advised all our clients to really pull apart their business and imagine that the business they had always known no longer existed. Whilst this was scary to some, to others it marked a great time for “renaissance” or “re-birth”. We have all read about our local pubs and restaurants now delivering food and drink – many did not do this prior to 23rd March. Training courses and lectures are now delivered by Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, and Amazon is run off it’s wheels delivering more products and gifts than it ever has before. What – and how – could YOU sell online? Read the paragraph above and take action. Not only will this make you feel like you are achieving and succeeding, but it will also give you something to tell all your current – and future – clients.

In summary

Now is most definitely the time to make lasting, positive changes. If you need to learn new skills, we can also offer training – by Zoom and Microsoft Teams, naturally. Not all change is negative – you will either win or learn. Make sure your message is clear, accurate and “on brand”. Marketing now shows that you are professional and bothering. If you bother now, you will be remembered as a business who bothers! After all, there is only so much Netflix a person can take!
Contact us for help to learn or administer your marketing. Our business is to grow yours.

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