Marketing as Vacuum Cleaner

Confused about marketing? Think vacuum cleaner…!

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding what marketing actually IS – what it does, how it works, and even, why bother?
So, to add clarity, here at HDK Marketing, and to solve this bothersome riddle, we are inviting you to think about a vacuum cleaner…
Really? A vacuum cleaner?!
Yes! (Bear with it!) No-one ever wakes up in the morning and thinks, “I know, for a treat I’m going to buy myself a new vacuum cleaner today” or, when three glasses of wine into the evening, we aren’t overwhelmed by the urge to Amazon ourselves a new hoover. However, in the business world, if you think of marketing as a vacuum cleaner, you’ll come to know just how invaluable it can be in your life.
How so?
Let’s look at the issue. You definitely don’t want to buy a vacuum cleaner, but you do need a clean, dust free carpet. Reluctantly you know the answer is a vacuum cleaner. Ah-ha! Here we have a problem and a solution! To get to the solution you have probably already wondered how long you can get away with a dirty floor, or if merely sweeping it will be effective. You may even have got down on your hands and knees with a dustpan and brush believing that it “…can’t be that hard…”, but eventually you have to yield to the surety that only a vacuum cleaner will do. You know it is designed specifically for the purpose of cleaning floors, making them dust free and hygienic, with minimum effort to you, the purchaser. In the world of carpet cleaning, the vacuum is the expert. Just like in business, marketing is your key to success. It is multi-functional, and, whilst the result may be the same, the routes to that success are driven very much by you, the purchaser. Likewise, marketing is the means by which you will achieve your business aim.
A little deeper with the vacuum cleaner…
Once you realise you need a vacuum cleaner, you will then have lots of other decisions to make, thought processes to grudgingly go through. Cordless? Upright? Power? Effectiveness? Value for money? ROI? Ease of use? Problem solving? Ability to mend/upgrade? Marketing is just as varied and diverse as the vacuum cleaner market – and just as important to success. Not many people want to pay for marketing but they do seek sales and success.
So, what is your “dirty carpet” problem?
A new product or service? New business launch? Website content or update? Increased sales? Brand awareness? Social media status? Complete business analysis? Event organising? Blog writing? Photography? Look at your business, whether it is established or a new start up, and ask yourself what you need to achieve…then ask us how we help you do it. Once you have us on board, we can also help you to identify what your customers are actually buying from you.
Nobody buys a pen for the sake of buying a pen, they need it to write with. Nobody buys adhesive because they like the tube – they want to bond things together. Nobody buys a hearing aid, they simply want to be able to hear better.
In summary
Marketing may, initially, seem like a ‘grudge buy’, but, once you understand that it is all about meeting your needs, satisfying your aims, making life easier, and focusing on a positive future, you might actually come to like it. Business growth, like clean carpets, are both surprisingly satisfying. Worth a thought we think…

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