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This is How a Marketing Agency Can Make Your Business Successful

You know that your business is doing well, but you could do better. So, how can you take your company to the next level with so little time on your hands? As a marketing agency based in Birmingham, we understand firsthand how a little marketing can go a long way, so we wanted to take this moment to talk about why collaborating with a marketing agency is the perfect way to move your business forward.

Why work with a marketing agency?

We could wax lyrical all day about the benefits of working with a marketing company like ours, but we’ve condensed the discussion into five simple points that we believe will resonate with every entrepreneur:

1. Time

If you’re ambitious enough to be your own boss, then you understand exactly how much hard work and grit is involved in building a company. That means you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, especially when it comes to marketing your products and services.

Leaving marketing in the capable hands of a marketing agency means that you’re free to focus on what you know best; your company, your products/services and your industry.

2. Budget

Your alternative is to employ a full-time marketing specialist or marketing department. But, if you’re an SME on a growth spurt, chances are that you’re already stretching your resources to the limit, yet you can’t quite justify recruiting a new staff member – so, it’s an expensive risk.

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What you need is a few days a month with someone working on your marketing to start with – a solid foundation to build upon – with a marketing expert who will make the most out of that time and can be flexible to your company’s needs and budget.

Enter the marketing agency, a provider of services that fit your requirements and schedule.

Yes, a marketing agency charges for services, but when you weigh the costs out against hiring an additional employee, then it becomes clear how working with a marketing agency actually saves you money.

3. Expertise

You didn’t become an entrepreneur so that you could spend your days wrapping your head around SEO, GDPR-compliant email lists or engaging in press relations. A marketing agency can take all of that off your hands and won’t waste time with trial and error because marketing specialists are already experts at what they do.

So, instead of taking baby steps by yourself and learning about marketing from scratch, it’s better to work with experts who will take you straight in at a high level – essential in today’s competitive markets (particularly online).

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4. Experience

Maybe you’re hesitant to work with a marketing company because you don’t think the agency will understand your company, products/services and industry as well as you do.

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Of course, you’re the expert in your field, but here’s the secret – marketing strategies, skills and channels are totally transferable! For example, here at HDK we work with both B2B and B2C clients in many different industries: health, manufacturing, hospitality, events, accounting, retail, housing… to name but a few.

That’s because our core processes are always the same: where are we now, where do we want to be and how do we get there? Then, we fill in the details according to your company data, your ideas and targets, as well as what works for the market that you’re in.

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So, no matter what your company does or which industry you operate in, a marketing agency can provide and execute a bespoke marketing plan that works for your business.

5. Perspective

What’s more, a pair of fresh eyes on your business makes the world of difference. Working with a marketing agency provides you with the opportunity to talk about your business with a neutral, unbiased party and to discuss your future in an honest way.

In return, marketers can ask questions, suggest ideas and offer perspectives you may not have thought of otherwise.

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A great example of this is one of our most popular end-of-year and end-of-financial-year services: our in-depth business review. Our clients are always amazed at the level of detail we can go into; analysing data to reveal trends by sector, location, customer, product, product range and more.

Together, we can identify areas of success, risk and improvement, which offer new perspectives and inform a specific marketing strategy that works for you.

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What should I look for in a marketing agency?

If you’re not based in Birmingham or the Midlands (though if you are, give us a call because we offer free business consultations in the Greater Birmingham region), then it could be tricky to work directly with us! So, here are a few things we think you should consider when looking for a marketing agency to work with:

1. Locality

This is important for two reasons. First, you want to make sure that you’re able to meet face-to-face for regular meetings (see point 2). Second, if your business operates in the local area, then a local marketing agency will understand your customer base better and will already have the contacts for local marketing.

There are lots of online providers of marketing services these days, from national to international consultancies. However, we would advise against putting your company’s future in the hands of someone you will never meet – to them, you’re just a number and your business will be treated as such.

Working with a local marketing agency is a personal as well as a professional relationship; you want to work with people you can get on with, that you trust and that you feel are invested in the success of your company too.

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2. Regular Meetings

Working with a marketing agency should be like working with an extension of your own company; available by phone and email during working hours for quick questions or sign-offs, plus regular meetings to check on progress and keep on track with your marketing plan.

No one understands the need for frequent communication as much as a marketer (which is why we work in marketing communications!) and monthly check-ups are vital for the health of your marketing. Whether it’s at your premises, a local cafe or their office (or our preference – a mix of all three), a one-on-one meeting is the best way to keep discussion open and ideas flowing.

Oh, and there should be coffee and snacks. Just saying.

3. A Range of Services

You might expect us to recommend a marketing agency that specialises in a particular area e.g. an SEO marketing agency or a creative design agency. However, by working with a marketing agency that provides a diverse range of services, you are more likely to get a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your needs and preferences, which could also change over time.

Therefore, you want a wide range of options and choices available to you.

Besides, if you require the services of a specialist in one particular area of marketing (e.g. a website designer for a new website, or a graphic designer for a new brochure), then a marketing agency will have the contacts to organise that for you, so that you’re getting the best of both worlds without having to liaise between multiple suppliers.

We hope this article has given you a little more insight into the benefits of working with a marketing agency and how a collaborative relationship with a local marketing company can really open up amazing opportunities to make your business a success.

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