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Inspiring Quotes About Marketing That Will Give You Monday Motivation

There’s nothing we like more on a Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday…) than an inspiring quote to get motivated for the working day. You may have spotted us sharing some #WednesdayWisdom on #Humpday on Twitter and Facebook with these uplifting and encouraging quotes, so we thought we would compile them into one long post of positivity!

Here are just a few of our favourite inspiring quotes about marketing, work and life:

Motivational Quote about Social Media and Marketing

There is such truth in this quote about social media. Often, businesses come to us wondering what they are doing wrong; they’re posting regularly and linking to their website, but it’s not getting any results or conversions.

Why? Social media is social! If you went to a party and someone only talked loudly about themselves, would you engage with them? Probably not.

In fact, we’ve included this tip in our 9 Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media printable (sign up to our weekly newsletter to get your copy), but sharing this quote as well is a great reminder that social media is a place to interact with potential customers, not blast your best sales pitch.

Motivational Quote about Great Marketing

We’d take this even further to say – customers are already smart! The person on the other end of your business is exactly like you; looking for a solution, but doesn’t want to be patronised. Your customer wants to know that they’re getting their needs met and getting a good deal at the same time.

When businesses focus on the number of sales, the individual faces behind those sales often get lost. Yes, companies need to make money, but remember that the person paying for your services is unique. Rather than telling someone that your product is the best, show them the benefits and let them work out for themselves why they should buy.

Motivational Quote about Getting Started

We love this quote because it’s great advice for any business in any industry, as well as simply a good motto to live by. At HDK Marketing, we have the opportunity to meet with a lot of passionate business people who have creative and ambitious ideas about where they want their company to go.

So, why is it that we always put off those ideas? Waiting for more income, more stability, more employees, or that one big break that’s going to change everything. Our advice is don’t wait. Push your business hard and let the ideas flow, taking baby steps towards those goals every day – you’ll get there.

Motivating Quote about Failure

Another fantastic quote that applies to both work and personal life. We’re conditioned to focus on failure as a negative, when in reality it is unrealistic to succeed 100% of the time and those so-called “failures” are often great lessons in figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Failure the world’s way of nudging you in the right direction.

We’ve made mistakes in business, as all businesses must, but those mistakes were lessons learned and so we’re constantly moving forward, adapting and improving.

Motivating Quote about Being Creative

One of our favourite things about working in marketing is the opportunity for creativity! There’s nothing we like more than getting to know a new business and business owner, listening to them wax lyrical about their passions and discovering the best channels, targets and messages to market.

Sometimes, we believe that creative marketing requires a bigger budget; that it’s a realm that belongs to the Coca Colas and Apples of the business world. But marketing doesn’t need to be expensive to cause an impact.

For example, we received lots of positive feedback from those who read our tongue-in-cheek “Santa’s Business Review” article on LinkedIn – a great way to show off our sense of humour and personality at a festive time of year, all while informing people of our end-of-year business review services.

Inspiring Quote about the Future

This is a powerful quote that couldn’t be more timely. The world of business is changing at an ever-increasing pace with huge advances in technology. New generations of consumers shop differently and not just because they’re buying more and more online.

On the high street, we’re seeing an increase in big chains are going under. Department stores are being replaced by local specialist boutiques. Consumers look for buzzwords such as Fair Trade and Organic and Eco-Friendly. People are proud to support local start-ups, rather than rely on the convenience of supermarkets.

Hipster cafes trump Starbucks every time.

So, what does this mean for your business? Should you be moving your customer service operations online? Should you be marketing your values, rather than your products? Should you be closing your premises and taking digital orders instead? You need to embrace the change in order to invest in the future.

Inspiring Quote about Marketing and Business

This can be viewed as both a pro and con of working in marketing; you can always do more! Once one campaign is over, you evaluate and come up with a plan for the next one. Once you’ve organised one great event, your customers want to know when the next one will be. Your social media followings can always increase. You Google rankings can always go up.

You can never have too much marketing.

That’s why we love to help SMEs and entrepreneurs which understand why marketing is essential and how the scope is really limitless. There are only so many hours in the day, especially if you’re running your own company, so outsourcing your marketing to experienced and skilled consultants takes the risks of trial and error (and time wasting) out of the equation.

Inspiring Quote about Being Yourself

You can’t fake authenticity. One of the best parts of coming up with a marketing strategy for a new client is listening to and getting to understand the story behind the business. As noted above, now more than ever consumers want to know more about your business than just what products you sell.

Where does your passion come from? What is your background? What kind of people work for your company? And most importantly: why did you start your business? Once you understand your company values and where those values stem from, you have your authenticity – and that is marketing gold.

Inspirational Quote about Thinking Big

It’s guaranteed that every entrepreneur has been told that what they’re doing can’t be done, that the risk of failure is too high, or that their dreams are too ambitious. And even if those words are well-intentioned advice from loved ones, it’s also guaranteed that those “words of wisdom” come from someone who is not an entrepreneur themselves.

If we all listened to the voices of doubt, even those inside our own heads, we’d never get anything done. If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. If your ideas aren’t big, what are you even dreaming for? If criticism isn’t constructive and solution-based, then it’s best to ignore it and figure things out for yourself.

Inspirational Quote about Good Marketing

Similar to the quote above about marketing making customers feel smart, this is another great reminder that consumers are not just dollar signs with legs. Customers, existing and potential, are complex and individual human beings; we may segment them in our campaigns, but we need to remember that those segments are made up of individuals.

A good idea is to think about how your marketing campaign would be received by any or even all of the following: your mother, your best friend, your partner, your accountant, your competitors, the bloke who works in the corner shop… what would they think? What would they say? Their needs, personalities and therefore reactions are likely going to be very different.

Quote about the Best Marketing

This quote always reminds us of the Kardashians. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that the Kardashian empire is massively successful, with all family members participating in multiple business ventures at any one time. But, what are their talents? What are their skills? Are they simply famous for being famous?

We’d argue that they are brilliant marketeers. Their social media presence and engagement is through the roof, they’re unafraid of being vulnerable and authentic onscreen (even when their flaws are being highlighted) and they involve their audience in their business journeys every step of the way; from choosing shades of lipstick to contouring tutorials on Instagram.

And the genius of it all? Kardashian fans don’t feel like they’re being marketed too. They feel like they know the family personally and the products they’re being recommended are by trusted industry influencers. It’s really quite remarkable.

Quote about Inspiration, Business and Work

Have you ever been drifting off to sleep one minute when – ping! You suddenly have a lightning bolt moment of inspiration? And on the flip side, have you ever stared at the blank white page of a new word doc and tapped your fingers restlessly at the keyboard, unable to come up with anything?

Inspiration hits us when we least expect it. The best we can do is be open for when it comes and try and cultivate an environment that encourages creative ideas, whether that’s taking a walk on your lunch break, ensuring you have enough sleep or simply moving onto the next task and coming back to that blank document later.

Motivational Quote by Yoda

Of course, we end with the king of inspiring quotes – Yoda! Jedi needs no explanation.

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