Social Media. My company needs it, but we just don’t have the time or skill…

Can we survive without Social Media?

This is such an enormous question, and one to which there is no simple answer.  However, no matter how resistant you may be to Social Media, there is simply no getting away from the fact that it is here to stay – and can be a fabulous business asset.  Your business will flounder without a functioning website, and new business generation will be difficult without a Social Media presence.  We can no longer expect customers and the general public to ‘knock on our door’ to buy products and services. We have to introduce ourselves to them, give them lots of useful problem-solving solutions for their issues, steer them to expand on their purchases, then invite them in to buy from us.  It sounds such a simple seduction – especially in a climate where almost everyone over the age of 13 is already on Facebook so believes they are already competent to use it to generate business!  It is, however, quite a skill.

There’s so much choice – how do I decide?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogs, YouTube – to name but a few.  With a baffling array of buzz words and platforms, it’s no wonder that many people simply shy away from entering the word of commercial Social Media – or don’t quite nail it.  However, before you take the plunge, take a moment to think which one might best suit your business.  For instance, if you are a Dog Groomer you may be more suited to Facebook and Instagram than LinkedIn – whereas it might be quite the reverse for a legal or financial organisation.  Consider where you think that people with a need for your business will find information about you – and in what format.  Is your organisation a chatty, gossipy profession, or is it a formal, governing body?  Do you want to encourage visitors to your website or to buy direct from you?  Answering these few questions will narrow down your choices – and lead you to the one most suited to your business.

What are the secrets to success?

In order to succeed you need to dedicate a part of your working week or month entirely to your social media posts and articles – without distractions!  As with any new skill, it may seem to be that all your time is spent trawling through industry news, articles and websites then writing and scheduling posts, but you will soon develop a system.  You must also be mindful about what images you use to support your item and be aware that Google does not actually like Google images being used by all and sundry to promote third party businesses.  (Bet you didn’t know that!).  Photography is also a massive contributor to success – bespoke photography is the most effective, as opposed to a random harvest of Google, which can often be counterproductive.  Also bear in mind any issues with regards to consent to the sharing of images – of people in general but most acutely with regards to children – as well as products.  By definition, blogs will take longer to write but can then be uploaded to your website and form the basis of several Social Media strata, so are very much worth the investment of time.

HDK Top 5 Tips

  1. Decide what it is you actually want to say – then say it and make it interesting!
  2. Create and maintain a content matrix
  3. Maintain your company tone of voice
  4. Remember what Google likes and does not like
  5. Look at the analysis regularly to assess success or otherwise – you’ll be amazed at what you can learn!

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