Personal meetings in the modern media world

As a marketing business, we are constantly contacted by other companies offering to help with our marketing! Occasionally we phone them to find out what they offer, and ensure we are keeping up with the industry so we can offer the best service to you!  What is striking though, is that, generally, all of their work is done remotely – no meeting, no face to face interaction.  So, is that important?

Why meet my marketer face to face?

Have you ever heard the phrase “…it’s so nice to put a face to the name…”?  Well, we think so – that’s why we do it!  Imagine coming to our office.  You will immediately be able to see how professional, dedicated and passionate we are about building the businesses we serve, and how we would fit you into our plans.  If we visit your workplace, we will similarly get a great feel for what drives you.  This is hard to convey by email or phone.

What do you charge for a consultation?

HDK never charge for an initial consultation.  This is always given free of charge and will often form the start of a great relationship.  If you should choose HDK as your marketers, we will ensure we meet with you on a monthly basis to confirm your needs are being met and identify any new areas for growth.

Won’t that take up a lot of time?

Our visits will generally last for one hour but naturally we will be flexible to suit your needs.  In our experience, this is much more time effective than faceless emails bouncing back and forth in a mess of miscommunication.

What are the top 5 benefits to me?


  1. You will form a relationship with your consultant
  2. Communication is open and free-flowing
  3. You will literally have a ‘fresh set of eyes’ analysing your business
  4. Questions will be answered immediately
  5. Anything can be solved over a cup of tea or coffee!

Call or email us to arrange your free consultation at:

Client meeting going through our HDK Marketing's services

Meetings help our customers to understand the results of the marketing we are doing for them

Regular meetings with customers help to keep the marketing plan on track