Benefits to you of bespoke photography

Should I invest in a portfolio of photos for my new website?

HDK Marketing was recently approached by a business woman, starting up her own company.  Naturally we suggested a new website would be ideal to help with the launch and be a great shop window for her products and services.  However, as soon as we suggested that she should have a portfolio of pictures taken, quite a discussion began!

What’s the point, Google have millions of images already?

That’s true, and many of them are very good.  Unfortunately, if you are keen to raise your profile in Google rankings, these pictures will hinder rather than help you.  Google responds very well to bespoke photography, which is great news for your SEO.  Also, with your own photographer on site, you can capture exactly the right message for your business, have it running uniformly through your website, and keep it “on brand.”

That’s going to cost a fortune!

Cost is a factor with any business – especially a start-up project. HDK Marketing will tailor your photo shoot to fit in with your budget.  Don’t forget, once you have a portfolio, you own the images, with no time limit or licencing limitations – and they are brilliant for social media too!

How long will it take?

Ideally, we like to be on site so that we can fully understand you, your team, your business and your ‘tone of voice’ so that we can best capture your essence.  This will usually take one day.  Following the shoot, the photographer will do some editing and send you electronic folders with pictures for each subject area within a few days.

I hate having my picture taken!

Our photographer does too, so she knows exactly how you feel!  We pride ourselves on our ‘relaxed and professional’ style of imagery, rather than asking you to stand still in front of a backdrop and say ‘cheese’! You will also be able to see the images on screen as soon as they are taken, so that we can re-shoot if you are not happy.

So, how did our start up business woman find the experience?

“I was quite nervous beforehand but found that I actually rather enjoyed it!  The photos are great and really  represent my business” (JG 20/07/18)                                             

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