Blogs, blogs, blogs!  What’s all the fuss about?

Where has it all come from?

Here’s a (very) brief history of blogging for you.  An internet search advises us the term ‘weblog’ was first coined in 1997 and shortened to ‘blog’ in 1999 by American programmer Peter Merholz. As you can imagine, the early 2000s were a massive period of growth for blogs, mimicking the internet explosion. In fact, it is alleged that in 1999 there were 23 blogs on the internet – by the middle of 2006 there were some 50 million!

Blogs about blogging are known as ‘meta blogs’ – so welcome to your first official meta blog!  As a side bar, the first video blogs started in 2004, more than a year before YouTube was founded. Quora estimates that there are now currently over 81,000,000 uploaded videos to their channel.

What are blogs all about?

Some of the brilliance of blogs is that they are completely limitless – within the bounds of law and propriety of course.  They can be official ‘news’ blogs from the classic media channels, or blogs about family, friends, pets, communities, businesses, food and holidays – you, as the author, decide. Commercially, they can be business to business, or business to customer – the skill here is knowing which and tailoring your commentary correctly.

Why should I bother?

Here at HDK, we pride ourselves on our ability to assess your marketing needs and solutions.  One of the ways we achieve this is to select from a large variety of marketing ‘pillars’, some of which are traditional methods such as revised business cards and fliers. However, as you can imagine, in our electronic age, they continually evolving.  We believe that blogging is a great way of delivering a message in an informative and engaging way, or, for some clients, to stimulate thoughts and reactions. tells us “…many business bloggers have learned that their blog is one of their most crucial inbound marketing assets…companies that blog generate 55% more web traffic…57% of businesses have won a customer through their blog…”. Think how that may enhance your revenue.

How do you do them?

Ideally you should have a passion – or more than passing interest – in your subject matter, and a very good level of knowledge.   This coupled with some writing skills, and the ability to imagine what it is that will capture your reader, is a great starting point.

It’s all about telling your reader what it is you think they would like to know.  So, if you are trying to raise awareness for a new product or service, your blog may be structured around the features and benefits of that product or service. An engaging photo will also be of benefit, to either endorse your message, or encourage challenge to it. (Our picture is obviously on topic, but a measure of irony is added by the medium the writer is using).

What if you can’t do them?

HDK are always happy to help as sometimes our clients don’t have the time or wherewithal to create an effective blog.  In fact, we recently badgered one of our very, very busy customers into providing some information for their monthly blog spot.  They delivered nine words!  This was a massive challenge for us, but one we relished, and succeeded at!

Let’s summarise

Blogging is perfect for your business as it gives you an opportunity to inject your own personality and ‘tone of voice’ into your website.  An added bonus, of course, is that updating your site regularly with a blog is something the Google spiders love, AND it keeps your shoppers interested.  It’s also great to do for pleasure, as you can deliver long, personable messages that would not necessarily be supported by other media platforms.

Either way, it’s a great opportunity for you to bring out your hidden author!

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